Marriage Commissioner and Commissioner For Oaths


Items required by applicants before the ceremony - a checklist

_____  applicants’ addresses

_____ applicants’ places of birth

_____ applicants’ full names (and maiden names if applicable)

_____ applicants’ religious status (if applicable)

_____ applicants’ Band and registry number under the Indian Act (if applicable)

_____ applicants’ birth dates

_____ marriage licence number

_____ applicants’ parents’ info: full names, including maiden names, and places of birth

_____names and addresses of both witnesses

Items for Marriage Commissioner to send within 48 hours of wedding:

_____ Registration Form

_____ eHealth Form

_____ Marriage Licence

2-3 weeks after ceremony, applicants may apply for official marriage certificate from:

Vital Statistics (eHealth); 1-800-667-7551

Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

Marriage Unit, Room 323

3085 Albert Street

Regina, SK

S4S 0B1