Marriage Commissioner and Commissioner For Oaths

Commissioner For Oaths


Tracy MacDonald, Commissioner For Oaths, appointment expiry 2023

$20 per signature

A Commissioner for Oaths can:

  • Administer oaths to a person who is demonstrating the truth of a statement;

  • Administer and receive affirmations (can be used if a person objects to being sworn on the basis of religious belief and is as binding and effective as an oath); and

  • Receive declarations (a written account of truth).

Commissioner for Oaths are generally required for:

  • Work-related purposes for clients or for internal business or government organizations;

  • Personal use to provide services to the public; and

  • Administrative work.

Documents that are typically commissioned by Commissioner for Oaths include:

  • Mortgage, divorce, estate, land transfer/title documents;

  • Real estate, insurance, loan, brokerage documents;

  • Contracts, surface lease agreements, proof of loss;

  • Sale documents;

  • Bond documents;

  • Insolvency documents;

  • Affidavit of service; and

  • Government documents.